A-Level Stories Class of 2019 – Passion for Learning: Gideon Isaac Ong Gie Leong


 Name: Gideon Isaac Ong Gie Leong

Class: 19/24

 Gideon has always had a passion for the sciences. A self-directed learner, he capitalised on various learning opportunities beyond the classroom, such as by signing up for talks at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to gain a deeper understanding of biology and its applications. He also embarked on a research attachment in NUS, working on brain research after taking the initiative to contact a professor he met during Brain Camp. Through the attachment, not only did he learn research techniques from his mentor, he also took the initiative to learn from other scientists on different research techniques.

Apart from his love for research, Gideon is interested in developing solutions to address issues related to climate change. He took part in the Spellman High Voltage Electronics Clean Tech Competition, during which his team conducted experiments to reduce reliance on air-conditioning. He also participated in other competitions like the Lee Kong Chian (LKC) Medicine Anatomy Challenge and the Ophthalmology Biomedical Quiz, the latter in which he achieved a Bronze prize.

Gideon performed exceptionally well in the 2019 A-Level Examinations – ‘A’s for all his 4 H2 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics) as well as a coveted ‘Distinction’ for H3 Biology.  Gideon is keen to be a scientist and hopes to pursue a course in either life sciences or bio-engineering.