Anderson Junior College


Nurturing Leaders
In 1988, 60 student leaders underwent the college’s first Alpha-Bravo (AB) Camp to prepare them for effective leadership. Participants of the camp were put through physically and mentally gruelling activities to learn about team spirit and leadership skills. Since then, the AB camp grew in stature over the years, and this signature annual event took in over 200 JC1 student leaders comprising Student Councillors, CCA Heads and Class Leaders by 2017. Being a student-led camp that aimed to impart effective leadership lessons through experiential learning activities, JC2 student leaders stepped up to take on leading roles as AB Camp Student Instructors to conceptualize and execute the event. Over the years, innovative ways of teaching leadership skills were also infused into the camp: dragon-boating teambuilding races, overnight night trekking, high elements obstacle courses and even escape rooms!

Nurturing Leaders - Alpha Programme 2017
Nurturing Leaders - Alpha-Bravo Camp 2014_1
Nurturing Leaders - Orientation 2015
Nurturing Leaders - Investiture 2013(3)
Nurturing Leaders - Alpha-Bravo Camp 2012

Agents of Change
A college initiative in 2013, the Agents of Change endeavour saw 10 groups of AJCians initiating exciting projects aimed at enhancing college life. Guided by the college motto of Non Mihi Solum, the students began projects that made improvements to the college’s physical environment and also introduced novel programmes such as AJam (a weekly student-led radio broadcast). The spirit of positive change continued in 2014, when an AJC Marketplace was set up in the school hall by enthusiastic students who marketed their ideas for improvements to the college to the rest of their peers.

Agents of Change - AJ Marketplace 2014_1
Agents of Change - AJ Marketplace 2014_2
Agents of Change - AJ Marketplace 2014_3
Agents of Change - Have Your Say 2014_1
Agents of Change - Have Your Say 2014_2
Agents of Change - AJ Marketplace 2014_4

Leadership in the Sporting Arena
AJC was a sporting powerhouse since its inception. The famed AJC ‘Golden Girls’ once made waves by winning Track and Field events at national and even regional levels in 1985. Naomi Tan created history in August 1985 by becoming the first AJC athlete to lead her fellow athletes to take the oath at the Opening Ceremony of the ASEAN Schools Championships. In 1987, AJC secured its reputation as the top college in the ‘A’ Divisions, clinching top honours in basketball, softball, gymnastics, trampoline and other events. From 1987 to 1989, AJC Basketball was Boys’ Champions for three consecutive years. In 1997, the Squash team staged an upset win over National Junior College to achieve its first gold in 18 years. The Volleyball team also won gold for the college in years 2001, 2003 and 2006, overcoming serious obstacles such as the onset of SARS and injury to their teacher-coach in 2003. In 2017, the Basketball Boys team defeated Hwa Chong Institution to bring home the ‘A’ Divisions championship again, a feat not seen since 1989. Through the years, the college demonstrated its ability to stay at the forefront of competitive sports.

Leadership in the Sporting Arena - Annual Sports Meet
Leadership in the Sporting Arena - Annual Sports Meet Girls Team(1)
Leadership in the Sporting Arena - Volleyball Champion 2003
Leadership in the Sporting Arena - Basketball Finals 2017_2
Leadership in the Sporting Arena - Basketball Finals 2017_1