Anderson Junior College


In keeping with the college motto Non Mihi Solum, AJC always regarded service as integral for a holistic education. Service-Learning was implemented in 2001 to build a strong sense of service among students and provide opportunities for student ownership as they engaged in meaningful projects to serve the community. Through this programme, students also built social, civic, and academic skills. In 2015, the college initiated AJCares, a college clean-up effort, which saw students rolling up their sleeves to clean the college while appreciating the non-teaching staff. In 2017, the college repackaged it to encompass AJCares for AJ and AJCares for Community, the first focusing on the college and the latter on the Ang Mo Kio community. This was to engage students’ hearts and minds to care for their environment, to better serve the needs of the immediate community, and to reflect on their role in moving Singapore forward. Through AJCares for Community, students better understood their community and themselves.

AJCares 2015
AJCares - Mr Lee Cleaning
AJCares - Teachers and Students Cleaning
AJCares - AJ Unveil 2017
AJCares - AJ Appreciate 2014_1
AJCares - AJ Appreciate 2014_2

Serving the Community
Serving the community always underpinned the philosophy of education in AJC. Over the years, AJCians had a multitude of opportunities for serving the college, the country and the international community. The first Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) project to Inner Mongolia in 1997 marked a significant milestone in AJC’s participation in community service. Since then, OCIP trips to various countries and regions, including Chiangmai, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Hainan became a regular affair. AJCians taught English, interacted with the locals, and constructed facilities for the betterment of people’s lives in their various projects. Through these meaningful ventures, AJCians learnt invaluable lessons in love, humility, and service.

Serving the Community - College CIP 2009
Serving the Community - Chao Yang Special School 2004
Serving the Community - Tray Return 2014
Serving the Community - OCIP Malacca 2012
Serving the Community - OCIP 2011
Serving the Community - OCIP Thailand

Family Day
It began in 1986, when AJC was all abuzz with activity at the college’s first AJC Food and Fun Fair, where students, staff and their family members thronged the food and games stalls set up by students. A day designated to fun and bonding, the biennial event sought to raise money for charity and for the college’s building fund. It was later renamed ‘Family Day’ to not only show appreciation for the support from loved ones, but also to reflect the strongest of bonds in the AJ Family.

Family Day 2014_1
Family Day 2014_3
Family Day 2004
Family Day 2006
Family Day 2014_2
Family Day 2008

Running for a Cause
The year 1990 saw the birth of the AJC Golden Baton Marathon, one of the most novel fund-raising events to have been conceived at AJC. The event saw both teachers and students running relays from Ang Mo Kio to Woodlands and back over a distance of 42km while carrying golden batons sponsored for $500 each. Since then, running for a cause took the form of the Resilience Run event, which sought to reach out to the wider community. During these runs, each cohort of AJCians stepped forward to pledge their accumulated distance achieved to secure sponsorship of rice, which was then distributed to the needy families each year. In their inaugural attempt in 2015, AJC secured sponsorship of 1500kg of rice from NTUC FairPrice Foundation in support of the “Run for Rice” movement which benefitted low income families in Singapore.

Running for a Cause - 2011
Running for a Cause_1
Running for a Cause - 2010
Running for a Cause_2
Running for a Cause - 2014