Farewell Assembly 2022

Farewell Assembly 2022

The college gathered in the Hall on 7 Oct 2022, Friday, for Farewell Assembly, after a 2-year hiatus from gathering in-person for this annual event.

The theme for this year’s Farewell Assembly, “Oh, the places we will go!”, encapsulates the sense of hope and anticipation as the JC2s look forward to the opportunities awaiting them after the final leg of their JC journey. The theme also mirrors the current state of the world where border restrictions are easing, and people are travelling after 2 years of Covid-19 restrictions.

Videos of well-wishes for the JC2s were put together by their juniors from various CCAs, were shown at the beginning of the programme. Amidst the applause that followed, Ms Corrine Zhu (JC2 Dean) and Ms Khiew Shi Hui (JC2 Deputy Dean), appeared on screen "running" from college to different places in Singapore and abroad, much to the delight of the crowd.

A montage of photos and videos featuring different college events also helped everyone to reminisce the experiences of the 2022 cohort. Following which, we cheered and clapped for the awardees that went on stage for the Best in Subject and Outstanding Contribution Awards.

Nedia Tan, the President of the 4th Students’ Council, then addressed the college and shared her appreciation for the support of her peers and staff. Ms Sonia Tan, Chairman of the Parent Support Group, encouraged the 2022 cohort to stay the course as their parents are behind them in their preparation for the A Levels. Executive Committee members of the ASR Alumni Association also sent their encouragement to the cohort in a video.

The performances by teachers from various departments were definitely the highlight of the programme. Wonderfully put together, teachers from various department came up with creative videos to encourage, motivate and inspire the 2022 cohort to do well in the A Levels. This segment ended with loud applause as the Chemistry teachers danced "live" on stage, to the tune of “Tomorrow” by BTS.

Mr Mano, our Principal, was then invited to give out the Computing @ SMU award to Saranya Mushila (22/30) and the class awards to the Most Improved classes (22/03, 22/04, 22/06, 22/08, 22/10), the All Day Everyday award (22/10) and the Sunrise award (22/28). He then addressed the 2022 cohort before we ended off the celebration with a college anthem. A mini carnival, comprising popcorn, candy floss, churros and photo booths, was set up outside Library Level 1 for the 2022 cohort to enjoy and end off the day on a high.

Live performance by Chemistry Dept

Our Principal, Mr Mano bidding Farewell and Fare Well to our graduating students

Students enjoying the performance

Outstanding Contribution Award winners

Taking photos at a booth for the memory

A class photo with their tutor, Mrs Maggie Wong