Character and Citizenship Education

Education and Career Guidance

ASRJC offers a systematic, rigorous, and research-based Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programme as part of CCE. ECG guides students in making informed education and career choices, and is premised on MOE’s ECG developmental model of career awareness, career exploration and career planning.

At the class level, tutors facilitate ECG discussions to raise awareness of “Who am I?” (work interest, work skills, work values); the exploration of “Where am I going?” in terms of their preferred occupations and their industries; and “How do I get there?” through exploring the various academic and non-academic requirements that prepare them for work.

At the individual level, students chart their education and career goals, guided by Career Decision Wheel (Amundson & Poehnell, 1996). ASRJC has adapted this wheel and applied it to design meaningful experiences for students to systematically explore internal and external factors influencing career aspiration, as well as the world of work.

At JC2, students' exploration of possible education and career pathways are enhanced by two annual Symposia: The ASR Career Symposium sees more than 40 industry professionals and practitioners sharing their expertise and experiences. The ASR University Symposium allows students to explore the higher education landscape and the factors in choosing a programme of study at the university.

At the end of JC1, students can choose to take up the ASR Industry Experience (work attachments) and/or the Industry Exposure (learning journeys) Programmes, which raise awareness in various industries such as sciences, engineering, law, healthcare, arts, hospitality and social services. ASRJC's list of partners include Singapore Academy of Law, Ho Wong Law Practice LLC, Ministry of Health Holdings, PwC, Microsoft, Building and Construction Authority, Land Transport Authority, Wildlife Reserve Singapore, National Gallery, Hilton Singapore, Bizlink, Codomo, ACRES, etc.

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