NSG Shooting Championships ‘A’ Division (2019)

The ASRJC Shooting Team recently participated in the NSG Shooting Championships A Division 2019 from 1st to 5th April. Our shooters trained hard – pushing themselves further both mentally and physically, and helping one another stay focused, disciplined and resilient amid the many challenges.

They gave it their best shot – literally and figuratively – and did us proud!

The Air Pistol Men’s Team won 3rd place.


The Air Rifle Men’s Team attained 2nd place. 

The Air Pistol Women’s Team came in 4th. 


The Air Rifle Women’s Team achieved 6th Position.


To top it off, Ethan Tan Wei Jie from 19/16 achieved 3rd place in the Air Rifle Men Finals.

Well done to all shooters!