Student Developmental Pathway

ASRJC's mission is to Empower our Students to find Purpose, Courage and Passion in Learning, Leading and Serving. The Student Development Pathway details how ASRJC's programmes are designed to provide opportunities for students to achieve these outcomes.


Imaginative Thinking: Imagine better possibilities, be motivated to pursue excellence, in service of others

Responsible Choices: Know how to make choices responsibly, clarify values through action, and adapt to change

Self-Management: Manage one’s energies purposefully, pursue a balanced life

Relationships of Care, Empathy, Respect: Make good friends, see and hold in regard others’ perspectives, support one another

Civic Engagement: Engage in stewardship of community, be positive towards injustice and grievance, adopt civil discourse



Tenacity: Be assured of my sources of tenacity amidst adversity

Integrity, Humility, and Authenticity: Be confident, authentic, and consistent in living by values and telling one’s story

Courage: Have the courage to stand up for what’s right and good



Talent: Understand my talents and appreciate diverse disciplines

Passion: Pursue area(s) of passion in College life

Developmental Paths

The Developmental Paths provide Choice, Structure and Guidance for students to pursue their the desired outcomes.