Academic Curriculum


Starting from 2006, students entering Junior Colleges (JCs) and Millennia Institute take an ‘A’ level curriculum that emphasises breadth of learning and flexibility.


Students will be given opportunities to learn from the following three different disciplines: Languages; Humanities & the Arts; and Mathematics & Sciences. For instance, a Humanities/ Arts student will take at least one contrasting subject from the Mathematics and Sciences disciplines, and vice versa.

More information can be found on the Ministry of Education website.

Project Work

What is Project Work (PW)?

  • It aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore the inter-relationships and inter-connectedness of subject-specific knowledge; encourages students to break away from compartmentalised learning, and to develop the ability to integrate information and make meaningful links between different strands of knowledge.
  • A group of 4 or 5 students will conduct a project based on the project task given (i.e. question), under the supervision of a supervising tutor.
  • PW is calculated as a H1 subject and thus the grading system is the same as other H1 subject (ie. A, B, C, D, E, S & U).

What is the structure of PW?

Consists of 2 papers:

Weighing (%)
 Paper 1 (a) Written Report (WR)  

Knowledge Application

Produce a written report of 2500 to 3000 words on the project

(b) Insights and Reflections (I&R)  


Produce a written reflection of 500 words on the ideas generated as a group or individually in the process of completing the project

40% of overall mark

10% of overall mark

Paper 2 Oral Presentation (OP)  
Give an oral presentation on the project and answer questions posed by the assessors
50% of overall mark

Criteria for Students Offering Subjects at H3 Level

Application for H3 modules will open after the Promotional Examination results are released. Students who wish to offer the SMU H3 Course, NUS H3 Course, NTU H3 Course or MOE H3 modules in JC2 must meet ALL of the following criteria:

JC1 Promotional Examination
  • Must have obtained a Grade ‘A’ in the pre-requisite H2 subject(s)
  • Must have obtained at least a Grade ‘B’ in all other H2 subjects
  • Must pass all other subjects
JC1 mid-year common test
  • Must have obtained at least a Grade ‘B’ in the pre-requisite H2 subject(s)
  • Must pass all other subjects
GCE ‘O’ Level Examination
  • Must have obtained the following results at one sitting:

-       Distinction in the relevant subject, and

-       Distinctions in 4 specified subjects

Total number of units
  • The maximum number of academic units is 12
Other criteria
  • The number of H3 subjects to be offered by each student is capped at 1
  • Students who are waiting for the selection results of the NUS/NTU/SMU H3 modules may apply for the MOE H3 module. They should drop the MOE H3 module once they are selected for the NUS/NTU/SMU module
  • As stipulated by the institutions offering the H3 modules