Support for Parents

ASRJC firmly believes in the strategic partnership between parents and the College to support the holistic development of our students. The College strives to seek out avenues for effective collaboration that value adds to our students' learning experience.

ASRJC Portal

The ASRJC Portal provides an online platform for parents to keep up-to-date with the progress of their children. Various student information can be found on the Portal, such as class, results, and attendance. Parents can access the ASRJC Portal here.

Parent Kit for Home-Based Learning

A Parent Kit for HBL has been compiled by MOE to explain how home-based learning will work, and how parents can support their children's learning during this period. This has also been sent to parents through the Parents Gateway. Click on the following links to download part 1 , part 4 and part 6 of the Kit, relevant to JCs. Other parts of the Parent Kit can be found at

Parent Support Group (PSG)

ASRJC's Parent Support Group (PSG) is a volunteer group comprising parents who wish to support the holistic growth of our students. Your participation in ASRJC PSG will certainly make a positive difference. Should you be keen to be part of the PSG, please fill up this form.