Our Identity

Anderson Serangoon Junior College (ASRJC) began in January 2019.  ASRJC emerged as a result of the merger of Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College,  two strong colleges that have developed and groomed thousands of students over a span of 65 years.

The college colours and crest for ASRJC seek to honour the heritage and pride of the two colleges, while reflecting the aspired culture and future-oriented direction of the ASRJC.

ASRJC’s colours are Orange and Teal.

Orange represents adventurousness and imagination. This captures Anderson and Serangoon Junior Colleges’ combined vision statements of developing adventurous thinkers who are driven by imagination and unbounded by any limits. Orange seeks to symbolise this aspired vibrant and warm culture of the college. It is a combination of the yellow and red in the two colleges’ colours.

Teal represents empathy, groundedness and reliability. This reflects the values embodied in Non Mihi Solum and Discere Servire – the respective motto of Anderson and Serangoon Junior College. Teal is a combination of the blue and green in the two colleges’ colours.

The college crest derives its inspiration from the common ‘flame’ element in Anderson and Serangoon Junior Colleges’ crests and a flower bud that is ready to bloom.


The flame design is formed by the college initials ‘ASR’. The continued use of the flame element represents both colleges’ history and heritage. The flame also symbolises truth, light and hope, which captures the college’s intent to develop justice-oriented and service-oriented students who are enlightened and in service of others. The flower bud symbolises youth and vitality and signifies the college as a place that nurtures leaders for the nation. With each petal of the flower embodying the college colours, this reinforces the way in which the college seeks to nurture students who are adventurous in thinking and boundless in imagination while remaining grounded and empathetic citizens of the nation.