Co-Curricular Activities

The creative and sporting talents of ASRJC add much to the vibrancy of the college and the standards of excellence that are a hallmark at ASRJC. The performing arts groups have been a galvanizing force in the college's music, dance and drama scene, bringing together students passionate about the arts and providing them with ample performance opportunities both in and out of college. A number of these performing arts CCAs have also excelled at major competitions locally and internationally. Our sports teams also compete at the highest level in the JC arena, regularly winning or contending for top awards. On top of performing arts and sports, student interest groups, clubs and service CCAs provide even more breadth of choices for our students  to have the complete JC experience of academic and non-academic pursuits.

Our 34 CCAs are:

Sports & Games
Sport Climbing
Ultimate Frisbee
Shooting (Air Pistol and Rifle)
Table Tennis
Touch Football (Girls)


Performing Arts
Chinese Orchestra
Dance Society (Contemporary & Hip Hop)
English Drama
Guitar Ensemble
Harmonica Band
Music Club
Symphonic Band

Chinese Orchestra

Clubs & Societies
Audio Visual Aids Club
Chinese LDDS
Debate and Creative Communications
Interact Club
Outdoor Activities Club
Photographic Society
Project Eureka (Science Research)
Red Cross Youth
Strategist Society
Students’ Council
Tamil LDDS
Visual Arts Club

TLDDS Dance@AGNI2018