SYF 2019 Arts Presentation For Dance (Indian)

It was a euphoric moment for our college when ASR TLDDS dance team was awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the SYF Indian Dance Presentation on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

Our dance item is titled Anwesha which means Quest. It is an arduous search for one’s true self in the process of overcoming the many dark challenges we face in our life journeys. Drawing inspiration from our ancient Sanskrit epic, Ramayana, these daily painful struggles we face are sensitively captured in our dance item where the Sitas, despite facing immense fears, bravely display a quiet defiance to face against the demonic Ravanas.

TLDDS dancers with teachers and instuctors

Our dancers, through many rigorous dance sessions, have learnt to appreciate the beauty of this dance item as it reflected their own life struggles. They also felt they had a chance to try out a new experience which is learning to dance as a cohesive team to put up a beautiful dance item for the audience to see, feel and appreciate. Through our dance, we hoped to encourage members in the audience to follow their personal Anwesha as they bravely face their challenges.

Sita’s inner struggles she faces between her fears and will to defy against the demonic Ravana

Anwesha! May the Light overcome the darkness in our journey of self-discovery!