A-Level Stories Class of 2019 – Tenacity: Loh Zhen Ling, Vanessa


 Name: Loh Zhen Ling, Vanessa

Class: 19/17

In the middle of her JC2 year in 2017, Vanessa was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a cancer of the bone). When the news sunk in, she was at a loss. It came as a rude shock to someone like her who was very active in the college community. At first, she thought that she could continue with school and complete her A-Levels as planned. However, this no longer became an option because of the treatment regimen she had to undergo. She took a Leave of Absence from college, and spent the next year and a half in and out of hospital. The treatment process included surgery to remove the tumour and rounds of intensive chemotherapy to eradicate the cancer cells.



Yet, Vanessa was not one to succumb to the ailment. On the contrary, she was tenacious and persevered every step of the way. She found strength from the unwavering encouragement of her friends and family throughout the recovery period. Upon returning to college, her teachers also helped support her in the transition back to school, and in preparation for the A-Levels.


Vanessa eventually performed very commendably, obtaining 84 rank points in the 2019 A-Level Examinations.  Having benefitted from the care of the doctors and nurses throughout her time in hospital, she feels an obligation to give back in the healthcare sector, and intends to pursue a career in the sector, pursuing her particular interest in pharmacy.