Character and Citizenship Education

Civic Education

ASRJC brings together a set of experiences in its Civic Education programme, that combines National Education and Service-Learning. Civic Education learning experiences enable students to grapple with the complexities in our society, and the opportunities and challenges facing us. Through critical questioning and a consideration of multiple perspectives, students get to clarify their civic values, articulate their aspirations for our society, nation and the world, and act towards realising these values and aspirations.

The theme for Civic Education in ASRJC is ‘Home’. Students will have opportunities to more deeply consider what ‘home’ means to them, both in terms of hardware and ‘heartware’. They will analyse the various dilemmas that challenge us as we build a better society, analyse public policy, explore possibilities to serve in society, and have platforms to speak up for, as well as act on, their love and aspirations for a better Singapore.