Our Ethos

Nurturing Leaders for the Nation

The world our students will inherit bears little resemblance to the one earlier generations grew in. Globalisation, disruptive technologies and the pervasive use of the social media for communication are but some of the drivers that are shaping the new world order. The challenge is compounded by a world that does not play according to script.

In the midst of these rapid changes, receiving a good education, especially in a junior college in Singapore, remains a privilege. With this privilege comes the responsibility to serve others.

At Anderson Serangoon Junior College, we want to nurture leaders who will develop a keen interest in serving in a range of capacities in Singapore and overseas. Our next generation of student leaders will continue to be grounded in the age-old values of respect, resilience, integrity and social conscience. In addition to strengthening their self-leadership skills, we want our students to progress in their leadership journey by influencing not just their peers but also other members of society who will benefit from their organisational and communication skills.

We will create opportunities for all students to grow beyond the cognitive in lectures and tutorials. We want them to grow and expand their skills of building and leading teams, mobilising resources for the needy, and being strategic in their thinking and planning. Our students, as adventurous thinkers, will be given many opportunities to be imaginative in the 34 CCAs we offer and in the different enrichment activities we organise like concerts, carnivals, camps and road runs. Students can also stretch their leadership skills at Science, Humanities, and Leadership conferences held both in Singapore and overseas. Overseas trips will also feature prominently in the college, where service learning will form a key component.

Our college crest, symbolised by the flame of orange and teal, captures the aspirations of our students who aim to lead a life of purpose, fired by a goal higher than themselves. We envision our students speaking with confidence and passion and acting on issues that concern themselves and others. It is thus our duty and responsibility as educators to help our students navigate the future and chart these new and exciting paths.

Manogaran Suppiah
Anderson Serangoon Junior College