Anderson Junior College


North Zone Centre of Excellence for Science (Elementz)
As the North Zone Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Science, AJC promoted critical and inventive thinking through building a science research culture among students and teachers. Equipped with high-end science laboratories, the Elementz Lab and the Nanoscience Lab, AJC students had ample opportunities to develop their passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The CoE also aimed to level up the content knowledge and curriculum, pedagogical and assessment practices of science teachers in North Zone schools by providing workshops and training for them. AJC also hosted the annual Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition since 2001. Co-organised by students, the event attracted the participation of student projects from both local and overseas schools, including those from Australia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Centre of Excellence - Elementz Lab
Centre of Excellence - Conducting Experiment
Centre of Excellence - Dr Sarasa in Elementz Lab
Centre of Excellence - Elementz 2013_2

Anderson Science Programme in Research and Enrichment (ASPiRE)
ASPiRE was AJC’s signature science research programme. Comprising a two-tier Science Adventurers and Science Pioneers structure, ASPiRE aligned its objectives to the CoE’s goals to develop scientific skills and cultivate students with the heart to advance science for the betterment of society. All AJC Science students experienced ASPiRE as Science Adventurers, and those who were talented and passionate in science research could stretch themselves further as Science Pioneers. Due to the college’s partnership with Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), Singapore Technologies (ST) Engineering, Defence Science Organisation (DSO) National Laboratories, and tertiary institutions like NUS, NTU, and SUTD, Science Pioneers could enjoy research mentorship opportunities, immerse themselves in authentic research environments and learn from practising scientists.

ASPiRE - DNA Fingerprinting
ASPiRE - Experiment in Lab_1
ASPiRE - Experiment in Lab_2
ASPiRE - Experiment in Lab_3
ASPiRE - Experiment in Lab_4

National and Global Citizens
AJCians were always provided with avenues to engage with issues of national and global concern. Paradigma began in 2001 as a student-led seminar to provide a platform for youths to engage their peers and leading experts in such discussions. In 2015, the year which commemorated SG50, Paradigma was modelled after the Singapore Parliament for students to understand principles behind policy-making. Over the years, a number of dignitaries graced the event, including then-Senior Minister of State and Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin and then-Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Ms Indranee Rajah. Additionally, AJC also adopted Townhall-styled (Let’s EngAJe!) sessions since 2015 for students to immerse themselves in discussions of civic and social issues ranging from food security and social inclusiveness to racial privilege and terrorism. Students selected topics, engaged in research, and led their peers in discussions which generated diverse perspectives and solutions. Eminent speakers were also invited to address students on pertinent topics; Professor Tommy Koh spoke about the importance of friendship in diplomacy, while Mr Viswa Sadasivan delivered a thought-provoking talk on racial harmony and social cohesiveness.

National and Global Citizens -Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
National and Global Citizens - Mr Tommy Koh
National and Global Citizens - Ms Indranee Rajah
National and Global Citizens - Ms Amy Khor
National and Global Citizens - Townhall-styled Session

House Interaction Programme (HIP)
Since 2007, AJC conducted the yearly House Interaction Programme to boost character-building amongst JC1 students. In a day of fun and merriment at East Coast Park, students toiled under the hot sun, honing teamwork and resilience as they built a sandcastle that expressed their class identity. Indeed a sight to behold, elaborate turrets and grandiose layouts of massive sandcastles belied class leaders’ abilities in planning, designing and negotiating differences. Amidst peals of laughter, students forged bonds with their classmates that would accompany them for life.

House Interaction Programme 2014
House Interaction Programme 2012_1
House Interaction Programme 2015
House Interaction Programme 2012_2